Your high school Alma Mater welcomes you home.

We are here to connect past, present, and future Aviators, and aide in the mission and goals of Vandalia-Butler High School and its surrounding community.

Why now? Because we have been separated too long. It is time to unite, communicate, and share our Aviator spirit. Let us recall the many wonderful moments we experienced, locate friends from long ago, preserve historical memorabilia, announce class reunion/social activities, and make more priceless memories.

We vow to support the current district students, community, and fellow grads. This website is new and we encourage your ideas and support. You may also donate to support VBAA activities through the Vandalia/Dayton Foundations.

We graciously thank you for visiting and encourage your frequent return.

Once an Aviator, always an Aviator. Soar high, Alumni!

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The VBAA participates in many community events throughout the year including the homecoming parade. 

The VBAA has a number of school, alumni, and community projects ongoing. Click  above to learn 

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